Diane Dickinson, M.D. is a family practice physician, seeing adults, ages 18 and older, for their health care and general well being. This is a micro practice, designed so that I am able to spend time with each patient.  My goal is to have you leave my office at the end of each visit with no questions left unanswered. "Slow medicine" at it's best!

What I offer is an allopathic (traditional medical school training) perspective with a focus on preventative care. The difference I offer is an open mind towards all other therapeutic modalities.  We are so fortunate to live in an area with so many skilled healers.  We are truly blessed. 

I sincerely do not believe bodies can be healed without nurturing one's soul/spirit. 

My inspiration is Pamela Wible, M.D.  She is practicing medicine in Oregon and has had a micro, low overhead medical office there for over a decade.  Her passion is promoting a sane way to provide medical care that nurtures both patients and physicians.  The training to become a physician is truly abusive and has resulted in an epidemic of suicides.  Once through training, providers of all types are encouraged to work as quickly as possible to "keep up production".  Practicing physicians also are experiencing an epidemic of death by suicide.  This has to stop. Pamela's passion and mission is provide an example of an alternative way to provide care.  I attended a 4 day conference with Pamela in May 2018 and was moved to pursue this way of healing.  An excellent TedxSalem talk by Pamela is available: "How to Get Naked with Your Doctor".

Dr Wible just delivered a Keynote address at the Chicago Orthopaedic Symposium which was held August 16-19, 2018.  Here is a link to her brilliant presentation. She knows of 33 orthopedic surgeons who have died by suicide, and urges everyone to prevent #34,  Read transcript here.